Here you will find many other components to build your car,

original radiator & fan
group 4 alloy radiator with eletric fan
42mm safari spec alloy radiator for group 4 escort
18-22 psi racing radiator cap
Large Header Alloy Radiator & Fan. FIA Legal
Alloy Radiator + Fan Alloy Radiator + Fan Radiator cap

Original type complete with 12" SPAL motorsport fan and brackets

42mm Safari water core for peace of mind cooling in hot climates Tested in Africa during the Safari Rally Stant racing radiator cap 18-22 psi
£480.00 £380.00 £380.00 £17.29

radiator mounting bobbings / rubbers
ford escort mk2 door mirrors
ford escort mk2 moulded mud flaps
ford escort mk2 door cards
Radiator mounting rubbers Escort MK2 door mirrors Moulded mudflaps MK2 Escort MK2 door cards front and rear. Available with or without HRS logo
    No brackets needed Set
£24.00 set of 4 £40.00 pair £120.00 set £90.00

escort mk2 centre console
aircraft spec wiring harness for motorsport
ford escort mk2 dash board clocks
stack tachometer st400 80mm

Centre Console


Wiring Harness


HRS Dash Clocks


ST200 tachometer
Lazer cut and powder coated with Etched markings 2013 Custom built Wiring harness to Aircraft spec, much improved with TMS labelling,comes complete with all switch's / Relays / Connectors and centre Console and oil temp sender and bigger spec wire to Alternator. Rev counter / speedometer / Oil pressure / water temp and warning lights mounted in the correct panel ready to fit 80mm with shift light and Tell Tail
£120.00 £2,400.00 £650.00 £230.00

stack professional speedometer
stack mecanical oil pressure gauge
stack voltmeter 8-18V
stack water temp gauge
Stack Speedometer Stack Mecanical oil pressure gauge Stack Voltmeter Stack Water Temp

0-160 MPH

0-260 KMH

0-100 Psi


Electrical Gauge
£160.00 and £175.00 £36.00 £62.00 £82.00

fuel gauge
chassis mounted group four sump guard
zf gearbox skid
Fuel gauge Oil temp gauge Chassis mounted sump guard ZF Gearbox guard
    Curved with extra skids Bolts to the rear of sump guard
£95.00 £85.00 £238.00 £56.00

under bonnet heat protection for exhaust
red top 30 racing battery
red top 40 racing battery
ford escort mk2 front quarter bumpers
Innerwing and under bonnet heat protection sheet

Red Top 30 Battery

250mm x 145mm x 100mm

Red Top 40 Battery

250mm x 195mm x 100mm

Escort MK2 Front quarter bumpers
Gold sheet 24" x 24" Dry cell Dry cell Fibreglass
£62.72 £135.42 £159.53 £50.00 pair

Steel quarter bumpers
ford escort mk2 door seal rubber
ford escort mk2 front windscreen rubber rs
ford escort mk2 rear windscreen rubber
Escort MK2 Front quarter bumpers
MK2 Door Seal MK2 Front Windscreen Rubber MK2 Rear Windscreen Rubber
Steel Moulded RS or Non RS RS or Non RS
£110.00 pair
£40.00 Each £53.00 £53.00

fors escort mk2 rear quarter window rubbers
ford escort mk2 door glass seal
ford escort mk2 rear boot seal
ford escort window channel
MK2 Rear Quarter Window Rubbers MK2 Door Glass Seal MK2 Boot Seal Escort Window Channel
£45.00Pair £9.40 Each £30.00 £11.50 Each

ford escort mk1 front windscreen rubber
Mk 1 Rear windscreen rubber
Mk 1 winscrenn rubber insert front & rear
ford escort mk1 rear quarter window rubbers
MK1 Escort Front windscreen Rubber MK1 Escort Rear Windscreen Rubber MK1 Front + Rear windscreen rubber insert MK1 Rear Quarter window Rubbers
£35.00 £35.00 £7.00 £35.00

ford escort mk1 door seal
ford escort mk1 rear boot seal
helmet hammock mesh
101 5182
MK1 Escort Door Seal MK1 Rear Boot Seal Helmet Hammock Spare wheel tie down
Moulded   Mesh 3 eye bolts and fixing
£22.00 Each £30.00 £32.00 £25.20

Mk2 front indicator
car tie down strap
piaa wiper blade

Escort Mk 2 front indicators

ATL FIA Fuel cell

Either 47.7 or 72 litre options (inc foam).

Car tie down strap PIAA silicone wiper blade hook type
      15" or 16"
£25.00 each
£2450.00 £15.00 each £18.50 each

wiper arm
alloy fuel tank
101 4858
Clutch & throttle stop
Mk 2 wiper arms Escort shaped alloy fuel tank Alloy splash bowl with screw cap
Clutch & thorttle stop
Stronger spring keeps wiper on the windscreen at high speed Baffled with twin take offs & sight gauge. 12 gallon    
£38.00 pair £231.00 £48.00 £12.00 each

Top & bottom water rad hoses logo
101 4863
throttle pedal lhd
BDA/G Top & Bottom Radiator Hoses BDA/G Heater Box to Engine Hoses (pair)
Mk2 pedal box Throttle pedal & block
Black in colour available with or witout HRS logo.

Black in colour,

no logos

   Left hand drive
£39.00 per set £69.00 per set £308.00 £46.50

rear bumper
rear light
wheel brace
battery cut off switch
Escort Mk 2 Steel rear bumper Escort Mk 2 Rear light lense
Light weight wheel brace with mount Battery cut off switch
       Holder £65.00
£120.00 £19.50 £55.00 Cut off switch£104.91

under body protection
FORD grill
rear number plate light
Kevlar underbody protection Escort Mk 2 front grill Escort Mk 2 rear number plate lights Original leather Springalex Steering wheel

Kevlar full length floor guards complete with 16 x Alloy M8 cap head bolt finishers

FORD type in plain black.
New Complete with boss kit either MK1 or MK2 Escort.
£650.00 pair £110.00 £11.50 each £200.00

co driver pod
bonnet pin kit
Sill stands Ford Escort Mk 2 Front Quarter rubbers   Co-driver dash          pod Bonnet pin kit
Car set Pair Bare or complete with Monit trip, Oil temp gauge, volt meter, fuel gauge, cig lighter plug, switch and potty plug  
£230.00 £84.00

£70.00 bare

£800 complete


dash adj click type
coil mounting plate
lamp protectors
Dash adjustor  Ign/coil mounting plate with Q/R fastners Heated front windscreen     Rear lamp           protectors

Click type

  Mk1 or Mk 2 Plain or powder         coated
£28.00 £45.00
£210.00  £16.00/£26.00

oil heater
Oil pre heater Fibre glass rear bumper  Rubber RS Spoiler TBA

This product will fit to your engine sump / Gearbox or Diff cover to pre heat the oil before start up, Fantastic product.

Mk 2  A must for an FIA legal car, only suitable for rally cars.
£60.00 £65.00
£175.00 £

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