Joey Ghose has commisioned Historic RallySport Ltd to build his brand new MK1 Safari spec Escort for the 2017 East Aftican Safari Event,

Historic RallySport has built 12 Safari Spec Escorts in the past but this new build will be something special for Joey, you can follow the build on this page as we start later this year.

Bodyshell is way under way with our usual attention to detail but this time our Safari 2017 car will be a step above the rest due to a large amount of ungades we are using on this car!! Watch this build to learn more!!

Front Roo Bar is our own design and proved very successful on past Safari events, our design will maximise cooling for the very special spec of the new 2.0L BDG which is on our Dyno this week!

A very trick set of Reiger Dampers is currently being built in the Netherlands Reiger factory which will carry Joey and his Co pilot to a great result based on reliabilty and the very best spec HRS MK1 Safari car.

Good day today fitting Roo Bar and finishing off rear turrets, also our mod to the boot floor to give more travel to the watts linkage.

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