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The fabricating work has started.

After an execitive board meeting at the pool bar on Hamilton Island the decission was made the new car will be yellow!!

The shell has arrived back from the paint shop.

We have moved our jack position to the rear to make it easier to access the jack and now fit a lightweight alloy jack saving over 6 kilo's in weight!!

We fit only the best Stilo intercom system as used and recommended by Wales's and the UK's most famous and successful Codriver Nicky Grist!!

The engine build!! all our engine are built in house to make sure that our customers get the very best service and the very best product.

Using our in-house Dyno facility we personaly make sure that each customer's engine is Dyno run in and ready to race.

The car is now finished and loaded into the container ready to be shipped to Australia ready for the Sydney to London Rally.






Historic RallySport

GRP 4 Escort Specialist