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Ivan Fioravanti build.

"The Italian job"

This will be the first complete car that we have sent to Italy!! Body shell is completetly fabricated and was in stock as to speak, currently it is in our paint shop where it is being painted to our customer Ivan choice of colour! This car will be Red and carry the "COSSACK" Livery as was used by the famous UK Roger Clark. We expect to get the body shell back from the paint shop week comencing the 15th of April. Pictures to follow.


The shell arrived back from our paint shop this morning and will stand over the weekend to allow the paint to harden so the build can start on Monday!!


Car is taking shape and nearly ready for the engine! We managed to get the engine on the Dyno today and will run it tomorrow, Next week the FIA Technical inspector will arrive to issue the HTP Papers.


The finished product!

She's all loaded up ready to delivery to Italy!

Heading for the Alps and through the Mont Blanc tunnel to finally arrive to a very happy customer!!

We then carried out a test high in the Italian mountains at 2.00am in the morning to final finish this "Italian Job" car build,

Good luck Ivan!!!

First event on the 15th/16th of June    3rd Rally Lana Storico 1st in class and 8th O/A!! (First Ford Escort Grp4 ) Great Result guy's in your first event with the new car!!


Historic RallySport

GRP 4 Escort Specialist